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03/23/2017 09:00 AM
Use It Or Lose It
It's common knowledge that if you don't keep developing muscles, over time, they will atrophy. Well folks the same is true of your brain. Here is just one of thousands of illustrations I could give you to make my point.
03/23/2017 08:59 AM
Finding Your Wealthy Place - Part 2
We serve a God who has plans, purposes, designs and objectives. God has a plan for you to be wealthy. He has a purpose. God has a design and objectives about you becoming wealthy. Failure to understand the prosperity message results in selfishness. That leads to a situation whereby one thinks about grabbing everything for himself.
03/22/2017 12:30 PM
Finding Your Wealthy Place
There is what is called a wealthy place. God wants to bring you into your own wealthy place. Once you are in such a place you will not ask yourself if you have found it. You will experience it when you are in the city and when you are in the field. It works everywhere. It works in the city and in the field. In other words, whether you are a doctor, lawyer, school teacher, minister, business person, or you have some other vocation.
03/20/2017 02:16 PM
Want To Avoid Failure? Move To A Log Cabin
Is it possible to fail consistently and achieve ultimate success? Ask anyone who has achieved success, however you choose to define it, and I'll guarantee the common answer will be - YES. How is this possible? Well, there are two ways to define failure and there are multiple ways to respond to it. But first - from the sources - definitions:
03/20/2017 09:34 AM
Success: Why Do Some People Always Judge People Who Are Successful?
While there are some people who are seen as being successful, there are others who are not. And when it comes to how someone is seen by others, it can all depend on what these people value.
03/19/2017 03:14 PM
People DON'T Resist Change - That They Do Is A MYTH
That people resist change is a myth. Don't believe me - if people resisted change would they ever - get married, retire, take a new job, move to a new state, go someplace new on vacation, have kids, buy a new house - got it - people don't resist change it's a myth that we have been taught for years by society, parents, schools etc.
03/17/2017 02:02 PM
Who Are Your Accountability Partners?
One of the biggest mistakes we can make in life is to believe that we always have the best or even only answers to our challenges, issues or problems that cross our life path. Is this you? Ever made a mistake that could have been avoided if you had searched or asked for other's opinions, ideas or suggestions? Ever failed at something that you could have avoided if you had listened to the advice or council of others? Well, I am guilty of both of the above mistakes in several areas of my life and I have to tell you the price in many situations was much higher than seeking out the recommendations or feedback from others.
03/15/2017 08:42 AM
Not Reaching Your Goals? Here Are The Two Major Reasons
Having been an avid goal setter for many years and teaching this concept to audiences around the world during my career, I recently decided it was time to fess up with what is important when it comes to goals that are not achieved. So, here we go - there are two types of people when it comes to goal setting: People who set goals and these folks have two outcomes - they achieve some and they fall short of others. Then there are people who don't set goals and often achieve stuff they didn't plan for and don't achieve stuff that isn't important to them.
03/13/2017 11:58 AM
How to Pursue a Lifelong Legacy
A sociologist called Antony Campolo conducted a study upon 50 people over the age of 95, he asked them "What would you do differently if you could live over again? Their answers were themed as below; I would reflect more I would risk more I would do things that would stay alive after am dead and gone.
03/12/2017 05:47 PM
How To Choose A Field For Success
Think you know what success is? Read this to be sure.
03/12/2017 05:47 PM
The Key To Achieving Success
Regardless of the area of life in which you want to succeed, the key is always the same. You must have strength of character. Is a weakness in some part of your character holding you back?
03/10/2017 03:44 PM
Interview Tips - 7 Points to Avoid in Your Resume
An effective resume really should have powerful content and look aesthetically pleasing. Resumes are extremely subjective - design as well as the content fluctuate greatly determined by who will be in control of the creation. Some applicants are creative which is reflected by unique layouts or infographics while, others display a classical / formal style. As a specialist recruiter, I can safely say I've seen the excellent, the bad and the downright ugly now. While the concept seems moderately straightforward theoretically, a lot of miss the objective. Within my annual overview of 5,000+ resumes I have come to define 7 distinctive items to avoid if you want it to meet the standard and make certain your resume gets a look into from the hiring manager next time.
03/08/2017 02:02 PM
A Country Called Home
Imagine a famous country where you would like to go and perhaps live. Imagine the stories you are told of the great peace, and comfort, of the nice and friendly folks, the abundance of choice foods, and the great medical practice which can solve all problems of illness and disease.
03/06/2017 08:52 AM
5 Self Improvement Tips for Personal Power, Peak Performance and Prosperity
5 simple, but powerful, self improvement, personal development and success tips to create great self confidence, motivation and the mindset for success. Master positive attitude, optimism, passion and commitment to your life purpose. Truly live the purpose driven life of great positive meaning, prosperity and success. The purpose driven life requires both art and science in order to craft the positive attitude, mindset, values, beliefs and behaviors to prosper and be successful.
03/05/2017 01:24 PM
Self-Worth: If Someone Is Successful, Can It Stop Them From Feeling Worthless?
While there are people who feel good about themselves, there are others who feel worthless. However, even if one doesn't feel good about themselves, it doesn't mean that they are in touch with how they feel.

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