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04/23/2017 11:06 AM
The Clock Is Ticking
Waiting for a promotion? The perfect mate? Win the lottery? A new job or a career? The perfect vacation? Need I go on? Millions of people are just waiting - waiting for their life, career, business, relationship, job or health to get better or change in some way. I am not against patience, effort, planning, hoping etc. but let me ask you - are you doing all those things but still waiting for something, anything to change, improve, disappear, that will improve some aspect of your life?
04/17/2017 11:50 AM
10 Resolutions To Help You Smash 2017
Traditionally The New Year is a time for reflecting. What worked and what didn't? How can I improve?
04/15/2017 11:30 AM
Is Your Business Or Career Losing Relevance?
Last year over 125,000 businesses failed. The number of business failures every year for years has been consistent and why? Simple - the organizations that have failed lost relevance - to their customers, members and/or the marketplace.
04/04/2017 10:03 AM
Achieve Success: How To Achieve Success In Anything You Do
If you want to achieve success you'll need to know the tricks. These tricks are simple but work! If they didn't work, nobody would use them. You can ask anybody who has achieved some amount of success and they will tell you the same thing, that these tricks work! If you don't know the tricks, need refreshed, or just want a good read then check out this article!
04/04/2017 09:56 AM
Is What You Say Always Consistent With What You Believe
There is a Native American legend that says - you will only get into Heaven leaning on the shoulders of someone you helped while you were here. So I figure if I have helped a few million people around the world as a speaker and author I will have a better shot. Well I once told this story to an audience and at the end someone came up to me and said they were offended by the analogy of Native Americans and Heaven. So I asked them if they were also offended by my hiking story and its reference to nature and courage and they looked at me like I was crazy. I decided to ask them one more - that if my reference to my favorite color being Kelly Green offended them and guess what - they just walked away from me and the conversation.
03/27/2017 02:27 PM
Life's Three Basic Principles
Yes, there are hundreds if not thousands of life principles, but I only have a few hundred words to share what I believe are the most important three in life and they are: -You reap what you sow. -You become what you think. -You attract what you project.
03/26/2017 10:22 PM
What Are You Searching For?
I have not yet met anyone in my world travels who didn't want a little more inner peace. And, I have never encountered anyone who would trade a little money to rid themselves of their stress and worries.
03/25/2017 10:37 AM
Finding Your Wealthy Place - Five Steps of Entering Your Wealthy Place
You can enter into your wealthy place. It is important however to indicate that such is not an overnight thing. It is a process. Never try to take shortcuts. The good news is that there are sure steps you can follow to reach your wealth place. Not every believer knows that he or she has a wealthy place. That is the reason some believers do not bother working on becoming wealthy. Maybe you are asking yourself, "What is the wealthy place?" This is a place of more than enough. There has to be some fighting and perseverance to enter there. In order to enter into your wealthy place, you need to cooperate with God. If there is something that can hinder God's full manifestation in our lives, it is our unbelief. Otherwise God is more than willing to take us to our wealthy place.
03/25/2017 09:36 AM
Possible Or Impossible - You Decide
And Mr. Webster says... Possible - feasible, practicable, practical, viable, within the bounds/realms of possibility, attainable, achievable, workable, doable - Impossible - not possible, out of the question, unfeasible, impractical, impracticable, nonviable, unworkable, unthinkable, unimaginable, inconceivable, absurd, unattainable, unachievable, unobtainable, unwinnable, hopeless, impractical, implausible, far-fetched, outrageous, preposterous, ridiculous, absurd, impracticable, unworkable, futile. Notice there are twice as many words that are synonymous for impossible as possible - does this mean anything? Well - read on and you will discover why so many people focus on what is impossible rather than possible.
03/24/2017 08:36 AM
Finding Your Wealthy Place - Part 3
God has given us principles to follow in order to reach our wealthy place. He has made those principles known through His Word. For us to build wealth according to God's plan, there has to be a proper foundation. A proper foundation for a tall building needs proper digging to ensure sustainability. The Lord has given us some commands in His Word for us to obey.
03/24/2017 08:25 AM
What Is The "Secret Sauce" That Can Get You Success In Life?
The main ingredient of success is not talent. Then, what is the "secret sauce" that can open the special gateway that can take you quickly towards success? Initiative and out-of-the-box thinking alone will provide you with the competitive edge that can take you on the highway to success. Please read on to know how to develop these habits.
03/23/2017 09:00 AM
Use It Or Lose It
It's common knowledge that if you don't keep developing muscles, over time, they will atrophy. Well folks the same is true of your brain. Here is just one of thousands of illustrations I could give you to make my point.
03/23/2017 08:59 AM
Finding Your Wealthy Place - Part 2
We serve a God who has plans, purposes, designs and objectives. God has a plan for you to be wealthy. He has a purpose. God has a design and objectives about you becoming wealthy. Failure to understand the prosperity message results in selfishness. That leads to a situation whereby one thinks about grabbing everything for himself.
03/22/2017 12:30 PM
Finding Your Wealthy Place
There is what is called a wealthy place. God wants to bring you into your own wealthy place. Once you are in such a place you will not ask yourself if you have found it. You will experience it when you are in the city and when you are in the field. It works everywhere. It works in the city and in the field. In other words, whether you are a doctor, lawyer, school teacher, minister, business person, or you have some other vocation.
03/20/2017 02:16 PM
Want To Avoid Failure? Move To A Log Cabin
Is it possible to fail consistently and achieve ultimate success? Ask anyone who has achieved success, however you choose to define it, and I'll guarantee the common answer will be - YES. How is this possible? Well, there are two ways to define failure and there are multiple ways to respond to it. But first - from the sources - definitions:

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